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2-Tier Site Backups

Bi-Weekly & Monthly Site Backups To Keep Your Peace Of Mind.

We employ a two-tier website backup strategy:

Tier 1: WordPress system backup, performed bi-weekly for regular protection.

Stored within the WordPress admin panel and on your web host server.

Tier 2: Emergency “fail-safe” backup, kept offline on our local server.

This is your crucial insurance policy for website protection.
Your website is an investment, and our aim is to safeguard it effectively.

Malware Detection

Premium malware scanning detection and detection software that monitors your site 24/7.

Malware is pesky. We’re here to combat these attacks.

We tackle malware head-on with our premium software:

Weekly scans for website issues.
Monthly scans for up-to-date reports.

In the event of malware:

We swiftly locate and remove the injected code, typically a PHP injection via a backdoor.
Update login and database details, implement 2FA for future security.
Conduct a final scan to ensure your site is free from malware and viruses.

On-Premise Web Storage


Website Storage Outside Of WordPress. Ensuring your investment stays protected.


We utilize our own personal on-premise local storage with copies of your website files.

This is the second Tier of the Tier 2 approach.

We store a copy of your website off-line for protection and direct accessibility.

We utilize an external hard-drive as our local storage infrastructure.

This allows for fast recovery of large volumes and you always know exactly where your data is. 

Monthly Reports

Know what’s going on as soon as it happens.

Our Monthly Reports provide all the specifics of your website health.

Reports include:

  • WordPress Plugin Updates – dates of completion
  • Website Backup Updates– dates of completion
  • Malware Scan & Site Health Updates– dates of completion

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Cooper Allan
Cooper Allan
Renz was extremely professional and wonderful to work with! I would recommend him to anyone.
Waking Within
Waking Within
Elev8td is super easy to work with and built me a site that was clean and functional in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you, I'll be getting more services with you and I'll refer all my friends and family.
Nate Butterfield
Nate Butterfield
I recently had the pleasure of working with this web design company and they exceeded all my expectations. Their level of professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to customer satisfaction were truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of a top-notch website. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, this company showcased an unwavering commitment to understanding my wants and needs. They took the time to listen attentively, asking insightful questions to gain a deep understanding of my vision for the website. Their genuine interest in my requirements was refreshing and gave me confidence that I had made the right choice. Throughout the entire development process, the team demonstrated remarkable expertise and attention to detail. They skillfully translated my ideas into a visually stunning and highly functional website that perfectly aligned with my brand. Their creativity and design sensibilities were evident in every aspect of the site, from the layout and color scheme to the user-friendly interface. What truly sets this company apart is their exceptional level of responsiveness and communication. They promptly addressed my inquiries and provided regular updates on the progress of the project, keeping me informed every step of the way. Their ability to adapt and incorporate my feedback was remarkable, ensuring that the final product met and exceeded my expectations. The team's commitment to customer care was evident in every interaction. They genuinely cared about my satisfaction and were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I was completely happy with the website. Their dedication to delivering high-quality work and their strong emphasis on customer satisfaction are attributes that set them apart from the competition. I cannot recommend this web design company enough. Their exceptional workmanship, dedication to customer needs, and outstanding communication make them a standout choice. If you are seeking a web design service that is responsive, delivers great results, and genuinely cares about their customers, look no further. I am confident that they will exceed your expectations, just as they did mine.
Cameron DeLoach
Cameron DeLoach
Awesome work! Loved working with Renz and Elev8td Web design to create our site. Renz is super easy to work with, prompt and extremely detail oriented. Aside from the core features, I was able to give Renz little to virtually no guidance on what we specifically wanted and he was able to run with it and create an absolutely gorgeous site for us. 10/10 recommend to anyone, and we’ll be sending future business to him and Elev8td exclusively.
Augie Rosas
Augie Rosas
Renz has been nothing short of stupendous! His work ethic, attention to detail, and vigilance to ensure the best result possible is off the charts. When I refer people to Renz I feel like I've done them a huge favor because, of all the internet marketing resources out there, I feel that I have found one of the best, if not the best!
Sensei John P Mirrione
Sensei John P Mirrione
Love working with Renz!! He is extremely courteous, helpful, professional, creative, and knowledgeable!!! He truly understands the importance of tailoring each project and task to me needs each and every time!!! Thank you for being so amazing Renz!!!
Stephanie Hoult
Stephanie Hoult
I have been a customer of LV8 for a year now, and I have been very happy with the web service I've received. They take care of regular site updates and maintenance every month to ensure everything is working properly as updates are made. They also quickly respond to issues - we had a malware attack recently, and the LV8 team responded immediately and resolved it quickly. I highly recommend LV8 to anyone looking for a digital marketing team.
John Becker
John Becker
It has been a pleasure working with LV8 on my company's SEO and digital marketing. Very professional & responsive, highly recommended!
Pamela R. Springer
Pamela R. Springer
I have found LV8 Web Design & Marketing to be a company that is responsive, very professional and pinpoints any issues in a timely manner. It has been such a pleasure to finally find a company where the staff is knowledgeable and is reliable.
Krystal Chubirka
Krystal Chubirka
LV8 did a wonderful job with my website. The project was completed quickly and efficiently and the team was very professional. I would recommend LV8 to anyone needing a good website and digital marketing strategy. Thanks again!

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